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Presenting Problem: Self Esteem

Symptoms: People Pleasing, Procrastination and Perfectionism

Let me start by saying, that I am truly grateful to have experienced a session with Ms. Richards. It was life changing. I can openly admit that as a black male I was a big skeptic about therapy and its effects. I was socialized to believe that therapy is not something that males do.

I knew I had unresolved issues that I figured I would eventually get away from. As time went by the more I recognized how much of a burden these issues were for me and the ones I loved the most. Ms. Richards presented a solution that I was initially unsure about but I decided to take a leap of faith. That jump into the land of uncertainty has definitely given me more clarity.

The session was nothing like I expected it to be, my mind body and soul was at ease. As the minutes sped by I could sense some sense of relief. I could feel the dark clouds going away.

I began wondering why it has taken me so any years to seek help. I began to understand that seeking help didn’t mean I was weak but instead I was strong enough to identify that I could not fix myself by myself.

Having completed my first session I am committed to doing more. I now understand the value behind it. Being in a space with someone that is willing to listen and offer their professional unbiased opinion is definitely soothing. You really can’t put a price on that at all. I am now on a journey of healing thanks to Ms. Richards.

Jeremain Robinson

Kingston, Jamaica

Jeremain Robinson: Testimonials
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