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Presenting Problem: Pain

Symptoms: Varicose Veins, Stress and Lack of Confidence

I first came to Caurel because I was facing some issues with leg pain due to a severe medical condition I had and was treated through surgery, but I was still physically feeling the debilitating effects of severe pain. The pain was almost like a surge of pressure pulsing and flowing in the same locations all the time. I went for several follow ups with expert doctors who kept telling me that the surgery worked and they couldn't figure out the causation, perhaps muscle contractions or potentially even my mind causing the pain.

I discovered RTT once before and decided to try to utilize this for the physical pain. I was introduced to Caurel who reassured and helped me work through the issues utilizing her skills and knowledge in a therapy session. She made me feel confident, comfortable, safe and secure knowing that I could divulge information that was confidential where it helped me discover the causation for holding onto the physical pain. She was a phenomenal therapist who had a warming demeanor and expressed empathy and patience while walking me through some of my most challenging memories. Her capabilities and knowledge of using her skills to let go and change my beliefs enabled me to have the life I am living today. My legs are feeling amazing, I love showing them, I love feeling them, I have no more pain. I have not had pain since I worked with Caurel and I feel like I have my life back.

Now I can be physically active, go about my daily life and feel assured that I no longer ever have to experience this issue again. I am equipped with a better mind state, a better coping strategy and a more bountiful life than before this session. I am a believer and an example of the power of RTT and having a good therapist is key to unlocking your true potential of your present self. Thank you Caurel for helping me get my life back, I would recommend her to anyone looking to transform their lives for the better.

Kristine Payton

Toronto, Ontario

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