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The Unspoken Separation

You said when we first met you knew who I was.

Not sure what you meant then but I sure do now.

No other has been able to do what you've accomplished.

The love I feel for you, no words...I'm just as astonished.

Unconditional love...a myth they say.

When you get that first hit, it's explosive!

I'm telling you, it's truly worth it.

So close but yet so far away.

For whatever reason we can't get it together on this physical plain.

The chaos, the turmoil, the disarray.

I wonder sometimes if it's you I feel or maybe I'm just going insane.

Randomly these emotions rush me like a stampede.

The uncertainty of whether I should run for cover or to take heed.

Trusting and believing we are meant to be and that you're apart of me,

I let the universe guide me to where I'm suppose to be.

I say I've moved on without you, as difficult as that might seem.

It's like the more I try, the more you consume my every being.

We never really had a chance to close the chapter, or so it seems.

Maybe it's because I knew you were my perfect reflection...that spiritual being.

The untapped parts of me that I've never explored.

You've propelled me into someone worthy of being restored.

The courage spread like wildfire to become the best me I could possibly be.

Nothing short of gratitude for being the catalyst to open my eyes so I could finally see.

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