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I am Caurel. I live in Winnipeg, Canada. I am an intuitive Jamaican woman, Rapid Transformational Therapy Practitioner, and Hypnotherapist, specializing in Childhood Trauma. 


I have a unique perspective because I previously had an Identity crisis as a result of people pleasing at my own expense and having chosen to live life on my own terms, started a successful transformation business based on my expertise in childhood trauma. I have built a supportive community and everyday I get excited about life because I get to honor my core values and individuality. 


The top questions people would have for me are: “I feel so misunderstood, alone and lost, what do I do to feel happy again?, How do I ask for support without feeling bad (guilt or shame)?, Why do I experience burnout even though I love what I do? Why is it so hard to say no to others, without feeling bad (guilt or shame)? How do I stop caring about what others have to say about me?”


The mission is to become the ultimate safe space - to understand and support your most vulnerable times.