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Smiling Young Man

Presenting Problem: Anger

Symptoms: Self Critical, Hyperarousal, Emotional Dysregulation and Codependent Relationship

I'm so blessed and thankful for the coaching already provided by Caurel. Life before the RTT session was unsettling and felt chaotic. I had a hard time seeing things clearly and little things got to me easily. I didn't have much resources before the session besides traditional therapy. I was nervous about doing the session and had a hard time giving in but once I was able to, it changed my life.

I feel like life has been more calm and relaxing. The anger I had bottled up inside and the deep pain I held onto for so many years is finally gone. I finally feel free of it and I'm grateful and blessed to have done the session. She not only freed me but empowered me to make better choices. The gift she has is so special and for her to offer it through this avenue has touched my life and saved me from myself and others. I cannot thank her enough.

There is no other guidance, healing or therapy that will automatically have an effect on anyone's life like the gift and service she has provided to me.

Winton Williams

Denver, Colorado

Winton Williams: Testimonials
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